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It's true:People are everything

You probably know the drill. You meet an amazing agency, with really smart people. You sign the contract. And poof! You're handed off to a rotation of account managers who don't understand your business or the channels they're talking about. Is solid marketing strategy really possible if you don't know exactly what Google Adwords or Facebook or Twitter are capable of?

At Validated Insights, every person is hands on. We don't have to go back and ask the media team or the strategy team. We understand each channel, each platform, and we work hard to understand your business.

Our approach is simple: hire the best and make them as happy as possible. We create a culture of knowledge sharing, performance and innovation by paying well, incentivizing, recognizing achievements (both big and small) and simply caring about each other. The result is a team you can truly count on for strategy, execution and results, today and tomorrow.

Yelena Shapiro, Principal, Strategy and Media

Yelena has been in the digital marketing space since 1999 (the days of Hotbot and Altavista), starting her
career at SearchEngines.com.

Prior to forming Validated Insights, Yelena served as the VP of Marketing at Synergis Education, a third-party service provider for colleges and universities. Yelena lead a great team of marketers who delivered an industry leading cost-per-start and paid marketing enrollment growth for each of Synergis’ partners.

Yelena also has for-profit educational experience, having worked at CEC from 2010-2012. Hired to transition CEC away from lead aggregators to more direct campaigns, such as PPC and Display, Yelena successfully changed the mix and maintained or lowered cost-per. The changes she lead resulted in less admissions staffing and a
cheaper CPS.

Prior to higher education, Yelena worked in the agency world. Her clients spanned multiple industries,
including higher education, travel, luxury goods and other competitive fields where digital performance is critical.

Meghan Jump, Partner, Media and Analytics

Meghan has spent over eight years specializing in digital marketing – both in higher education and classified advertising. Meghan’s strong analytical skills have helped her progress very quickly throughout her career.  She is an expert in higher education media and strategies, having worked in the industry with both for-profits and non-profits.

Prior to working at Validated Insights, Meghan was the Paid Search Manager at Synergis Education, a third-party service provider for colleges and universities. Under Meghan’s leadership, the PPC channel grew significantly for each of Synergis’ partners, becoming the best converting paid channel. Meghan also oversaw expansion of the Display and Social Media channels.

Prior to Synergis, Meghan played a key role as a digital marketer for ECPI University in Virginia. At ECPI University, she managed a $6million annual budget for paid search and was instrumental in decreasing spend
by 37% while increasing conversions by 10% over the year.

Meghan also brings previous consulting experience to her work with clients. She worked at Dominion Enterprises on the corporate level, consulting with their more than 40 brands on SEM, SEO and analytics support.

She is Google certified in AdWords Fundamentals, Search Advertising, Display Advertising, Video Advertising,
Shopping Advertising, Mobile Advertising and is also a Bing Ads Accredited Professional.

Erin Brough, Partner, Operations and Media

Erin is a certified Project Management Professional (PMP) with over five years knowledge and experience in the areas of enrollment, regulatory and marketing in higher education.

Starting her career in retail, managing a business development call center, she has become a versatile team member for Validated Insights with her PM skills, account management savvy and growing digital marketing expertise.

In her previous role with Synergis Education, Erin served as the Director of Partner Integration, overseeing all new partner implementations as the lead project manager across service areas. In this capacity, she oversaw five of the eight partner implementations at Synergis Education.

In her last year with Synergis, she was the Marketing Operations Director, streamlining processes and efficiencies for the consolidation of Synergis’s marketing agency of over 12 to one person without disruption in performance for clients. 

Prior to Validated Insights and Synergis Education, Erin was a Corporate Education Liaison with the Institute for Professional Development and Albertus Magnus college. In this capacity she partnered with local business, organizations and municipalities to create strategic partnerships to feed program enrollment.

Erin brings a deep understanding of the higher education space from outside the marketing discipline. She’s a great ally and strategist for each client, with a thorough understanding of enrollment and post-enrollment processes.

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