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We Are Thrilled to Announce our Acquisition of Market Research Consultancy 32EDU (“Thirty Two Edu”)!

We Get
Higher ED

We are experienced strategists, creatives and marketers focused on helping higher education institutions and disruptors exceed their goals. How do you know you can trust us? We guarantee an improvement in your KPIs of at least 15% in 60 days – or we waive our fees.
And we’ve never had to do that yet!
Cost-Per-Interviewed Student

What Are You Looking To Do?

We developed a unique approach to help you find programs that fit your brand and aren’t available from 50 other institutions. How do we do this? By starting with data everyone uses – BLS, IPEDS, search query volume and job postings – and then adding audience insights and trend research to help you figure out what degrees are needed tomorrow. We’ve proven this works – again and again. Ask us how.
We work with institutions and OPMs to design strategies and then execute digital marketing campaigns that drive growth for online programs. With over 300+ programs under our belt and the agile marketing approach we bring to everything we do, you can be sure that no matter the program, we’ll help you make it successful.
We test EVERYTHING, so we know every digital channel, feature, audience segment and ad type. Combine that with decades of higher ed experience and you get unmatched strategic insights. We help you figure out personas, develop creative, choose channels to test and forecast spend / inquiries / starts. Then we go to work to make this plan a reality.
Every agency promises better performance, better strategy, better data. To make this easy, we guarantee it. We take over agencies big and small, higher ed and generalized, and improve results at least 15% in 60 days – or you don’t pay our fees. Our success rate within 60 days is 92% and it’s 100% within 90 days. Try us – there’s literally nothing to lose.
Higher education marketing can look like the “sea of sameness” with standard ads where you can replace a logo and voila – it’s for a different school. We go deeper. Our creative team is staffed with incredible talent focused on helping each of our clients tell their unique brand stories. The more we can help you with differentiating your brand, the better the results. Our unique creative optimization process is a continuous performance improvement engine.

Creative for Higher Education

Higher ed creative is more than just inquiry generation. It’s about forming emotional connections, telling each brand’s story and nurturing interest.
1. Connect
Introduce the brand, appeal to motivations
2. Convince
Show differentiators, communicate specifics
3. Convert
Encourage action,
show it’s the right choice
4. Cultivate
Continue to build trust, nurture interest and encourage next steps

How We Do It

Frame 20021
No Typical Agency Shortcuts
When looking for consistently great performance, setting up accounts with a few ads won’t work. We don’t abuse automation software, develop 15 ad concepts instead of 1 or 2, launch every channel that makes sense instead of focusing on the easier ones – and so on.
Group 2338
Trust but Validate
When it comes to information from digital platforms (Google, Facebook, etc), we take everything with a grain of salt. Why? Because we’ve seen too many examples of platforms optimizing to their revenue goals – not our clients’. We’re never afraid to take the reins – because we’ve proven we can achieve greater success with our hybrid approach.
We Love Brand Storytelling
Differentiated brands drive better performance. We help you tell your story, evolve your brand and really nail the emotional connection piece with great copywriting and creative. There may be 100s of MBAs available nationwide, but we’ll learn what makes yours stand out – and help you find the right students for your institution.
Group 2340
Marketing is Everywhere
(or Should Be)
Great products lead to better performance – which is why we love partnering with our clients to help research, concept and develop educational offerings and user experiences that stand out. From market and competitive research to program naming, location selection and beyond, we help you strategize and plan what’s next.
Group 2342
Intense, Proactive Optimization
Our team spots issues before our clients and we work relentlessly to fix them. Our job is to worry early and often – and then marshal the resources needed to exceed goals. Our entire process and team are structured to deliver outstanding performance. Market trends playing against your goals? We develop strategies to help our clients overcome negative market dynamics and continue enrolling students.

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