Agile. Iterative. Continuous

When clients ask us how we are able to guarantee results when taking on new accounts and help each client grow when they’re with us, the agile marketing process is the answer. It’s our “secret sauce.” It’s a continuous process of strategizing, running tests and iterating ideas based on results. The result: deeper understanding of your prospects and stronger performance.
Our Agile Marketing Process
Here Is How It Works

1. Understand

Our team goes deep to understand your brand and how it appeals to your prospects, your market and competition, the kind of students you’re trying to attract and what’s unique about your institution.

We also explore each program and compare it to others in the market so we can tease out the differences that may appeal to future students.

At the same time, we do a deep dive into your current analytics, creative and campaigns.

2. Strategize

Armed with initial information about your brand, students, programs and market, we develop multiple audience segments and creative ideas. We recommend channels and create testing scenarios.

Our team then handles all the creative and campaign development as well as testing set up.

3. Execute

The next step is to run combinations of audience segments and creative in market using multiple channels. A labor intensive process, it pays off beautifully by enabling our clients to learn more about each segment and how it responds to different creative.

We also track creative performance by segment and across all campaigns so institutions can test new concepts or small iterations in market.

4. Optimize

The agile marketing process culminates – and restarts – with the optimization step. We read results, optimize based on performance, share learnings with our clients and brainstorm the next set of segments, campaigns and creative executions.

We double down on strong performers, create additional variations and modify or rotate out weaker ones. As this cycle continues, performance improves and we gather knowledge about what may work next – driving continuous improvement and success.

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