Market Research Services Overview​

With the acquisition of 32EDU, we now offer a comprehensive suite of higher-ed focused market research services. We provide valuable insights and analyses to support informed decision-making and strategy development.

Our services include:

The Institutional Audit is tailored for universities seeking to enhance their marketing and enrollment strategies. We conduct a thorough and comprehensive review, analysis, and assessment of your institution’s marketing and student recruitment activities.

  • Understand the strengths and weaknesses of your current strategies.
  • Identify areas where efficiency can be enhanced to optimize resources.
  • Ensure your marketing and enrollment efforts align perfectly with your university’s long-term objectives.

The Portfolio Audit will assist universities in optimizing their academic program offerings. We execute a systematic and comprehensive review and evaluation of your institution’s academic programs. We evaluate how each program aligns with your institution’s mission, goals and the evolving needs of your students and stakeholders. Our focus extends to identifying programs that require improvement, those experiencing growth and opportunities for launching new programs.

  • Identify areas where program quality can be improved to meet the highest standards.
  • Capitalize on growing programs to maximize their potential.
  • Discover new areas where launching programs can meet emerging demands.

This service is designed to help universities gauge the interest and necessity of specific degree programs. We complete a comprehensive evaluation of the demand for academic programs among potential students, employers, and the broader community.

  • Make informed decisions about which programs to introduce, maintain or modify based on real demand.
  • Confirm that your university’s academic offerings remain in sync with evolving market needs and employment trends.
  • Tailor your programs to meet the interests and aspirations of your potential students.

Our Pricing Studies service is a critical tool for universities to make informed decisions about tuition and fees. We conduct extensive price sensitivity analyses to help institutions understand the impact of changes in pricing on student enrollment, revenue, and the perceived value of their educational services.

  • Make tuition and fee decisions based on data-driven insights.
  • Ensure your institution’s financial health while keeping education accessible.
  • Stay competitive in the higher education landscape without compromising affordability.

The Custom Analyses will address unique and specific questions that institutional leaders may have. We offer a wide range of market research projects leveraging various techniques to provide tailored solutions that align perfectly with your institution’s needs and strategic goals.

  • Get answers to the exact questions that matter most to your institution’s leadership.
  • Our approach can accommodate a wide range of research needs and methodologies.
  • Custom Analyses provide the data-driven foundation necessary to make strategic decisions that align with your institution’s goals.

We use ArcGIS, a geospatial mapping tool, to help institutions analyze where students are coming from, how that indexes versus the US population and how the location of hot spots look in terms of demographics. This research can help identify where to launch new campuses or seek state approval for online programs.

  • Identify where your students cluster and how those locations are different from the rest of the US in terms of demographics
  • Use ArcGIS’ Tapestry audience segments to provide insights on consumer behaviors and media consumption
  • Build indices to help identify location with similar demographics to student clusters for future expansion

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